What is the Difference between Hobby and Passion?

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Follow your passion and success will follow you

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Many of you, youngsters who are either in high school or university definitely think that this sentence is immaculate, so do I. When I’m getting a little older and going to work, people rarely talk about passion, laugh it off, such immature thinking. Your life isn’t hard enough? Money for rent, cafe with friends, presents for love, updating new iPhone, and even going against the boss, impeaching colleagues,... just to name a few. Aren’t these things still enough for your life? Wondering when you are broke, do you still want to follow your passion?
Getting back to the quote “Follow your passion and success will follow you”, you can easily find some case studies in newspapers, self-help books (I would consider that as an inspiration book rather than a self-help one). A story about a man quitted his job, dropped out of university in order to retire to the country, farming fish and growing vegetables, and his average income is about 100 million VNĐ per year. A young girl resigned from the company, went backpacking. Then, becoming a well-known writer, KOL in the traveling field, but still, do an “amazing good job” in her career. Or a first-gen streamer owns money right and left, stays up late to live stream, viewed by a few people; now he becomes one of the most famous streamers in Vietnam and possesses a large fortune.
Okay, I do have to admit that this is true, just follow your passion and success will come eventually. However, then what passion really is? Why do I have a passion, yet I am still here wearing shorts, sitting beside the spinning fan just to type out my thoughts for tens of people to read?

If you don’t succeed, what you are doing is not passion?

“If someone tells me that "Just follow your passion and success will follow you", I will just tell them off. If that's so then when you fail, it was because you chose the wrong passion? Or is it because you assume it was too difficult, you decided that it wasn't your passion, and then search for another?
When you reach a certain level that you consider to be easy, but you don’t feel happy with it. Then, it's not called passion. Otherwise, it was just because of your fear of hardship.” — MY BOSS
Success has many different ways to define; However, in this case, I think that success is when you are good at a field, or at least your workplace.
Thereafter did I only realized that, in the end, I'm still terrible. Instead of giving my best, I blamed it on passion. Whenever an immature guy speaks up to me: “I have many favorites, what should I focus on?; I’m currently following X major and wanting to switch to Y since I have passion for this field”. I laughed scornfully and slapped him into the face with a bunch of words that my boss spoke to me. Later on (specifically until recently) did I boast of myself with an image of a gifted person, doing whatever I wanted. With an above-average level of patience, then you will know whether you have a passion for that thing or not.
If there are many things to try, then do what?
If that’s so, then ask yourself, the answer is inside of you. If you’ve looked this question: “ What job should I do?” up, I’m 100% sure that the answer would be the way to help yourself answer these questions, to know what you should do next.
Recently, I accidentally found out that I’ve confused Hobby with Passion. Then I realized that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, boasting how talented I am.
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Passion is when the more challenging the job is, the more enjoyable I feel. For me being a frontend developer, specifically "optimization" for front ends. I am keen on doing projects that are challenging in optimization,  frontends as possible. How lucky I am, to have a job that is exactly similar to my dream.
Hobbies are stuff that we like, but when a challenge comes, we tend to think: oh well give it up, that's enough. I used to like many things. I tried DevsOps, backend codes, building products, building mechanical keyboards, to be an influencer in the community... But I didn't overcome the challenges they brought to me. Although I can do DevOps well, I didn't have fun with it. I'm quite good at backend codes, but I feel like that's enough, why the big guns when there aren't that many users? Despite enjoying mechanical keyboards, just stabilizing made my back hurt like hell, or, just buy lubed switches instead of lubing.
And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years. ABRAHAM LINCOLN
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If researching flow state, you will see that it is closely related to challenges, focus, and happiness.
From my perspective, an actual job is the one that would bring many memories in order to immerse yourself into the flow state, and from that point, you can make money. Therefore looking for your passionate career is very important, since it will put you into challenging situations for the brain to be in the flow state, from then on be able to achieve happiness in the workplace.
With enough passion, success will come after you. However, make sure to identify which is your passion. Stay strong!
What is your passion? What are your hobbies?

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