"A boy dreams to create value for others via software products 😴"
Thanh Le

What I value and believe

  • Professional ethics/Naive - I believe it makes me happy on the journey without any regret
  • Value - I prefer value it created instead of its flashy
  • Freedom - I think all the way road to freedom. So I want to have freedom and everyone around me can feel its value
  • Fair - It is fundimental of building a long term relationship. PPL comes and goes, but fair make us go longer and happier


Why do I try to put lots of emojis?

It makes me look funny 🤪

My hobbies?

Running 🏃‍♂️, trekking 🧗‍♂️, Dota 2, lost in my thought while riding 🚴‍♂️

My thought on technical?

It depends on which angle do you want to hear 😪

Connect with me

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