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Signing and notarizing an Electron app for distribution using GitHub Action

First step is to pay $99/year for an Apple Developer account.

Blog - Layouts RFC | Next.js

Note: The name route segment was chosen to match the existing terminology around URL paths. Note: If you're not familiar with React Server Components, we recommend reading the React Server Component RFC before reading this section.

Excel Hell: A cautionary tale. Before we create a "single… | by Herb Caudil

Before we create a “single infinitely-customizable app for everything else”, we need to understand why we’re currently using spreadsheets for everything.

How Do You Know If You Are Building A Great Product? - Results, Or Die! | A

Is your startup building a great product? SmileDirectClub — perhaps the best consumer business I've seen in my career in venture. Not only is it a ~$1B run-rate (+114% YoY) market-leader, it has software-like gross margins of 74%, and is near profitability.

Candy, Vitamin or Painkiller: Which One Is Your Product? | SaaS Club

Everyone in the room seemed to be excited – except for me. The engineering team had just watched a presentation on a proposed plan to add new features to our product. And everyone seemed ready to get to work building those new features.

Cafe sáng blockchain số 12. Tại sao lại là blockchain?

Một loạt các team đang làm project blockchain liên quan đến văn bằng chứng chỉ, bắt đầu lộ diện. Có team thì sử dụng NFT, có team thì sử dụng Hyperledger,.... và các team đang chạy đua với nhau.

Niềm tin là gì? Cách để tạo niềm tin với mọi người trong cuộc sống

Niềm tin là gì? Có sức mạnh như thế nào? Cách xây dựng niềm tin trong cuộc sống? Cách để tạo niềm tin trong cuộc sống? Cùng 123job tìm hiểu những điều đó trong bài viết dưới đây ngay nhé.

(36) Duy Thanh Nguyen - YouTube

Hey everyone! This is Thanh and I make videos about psychology, philosophy, finance and more. If you're into that kind of stuff, consider subscribing!Thank y...

How To Time The Market (Or Not) - Divinations - Every

Howard Marks isn’t crazy about the title of his book, Mastering the Market Cycle. He actually said this in an interview. He thinks it promises too much. But his publisher told him to go with it, “because everybody will think they’ll figure out how to get rich.” 

Introducing the 2022 State of Crypto Report - a16z crypto

This report is the first of what will be an annual overview of trends in the crypto industry, shared through the a16z crypto vantage point of both tracking data and across the countless entrepreneurs and builders we meet.

(4) Sachin Neravath on Twitter: "I made over $65000 from an open-source pro

I made over $65000 from an open-source project in 9 months. Everything you need to know about monetizing your open source project using dual licensing.

Designing Scalable Frontend Systems - Part 2

In the previous article, we introduced our frontend system design framework, discussed the different types of frontend design problems, and covered the best practices for component architecture, designing the state of components, and ended up defining how to manage the data API of your frontend comp


Gravity is a modern back-end framework with full-stack capacities written in Typescript. Its main feature is to facilitate communication in a safe way between server and client by using a remote procedure call system.

Lydia Hallie | Talks | Rendering Patterns

This article is a transcript with slides of a talk I gave at Reactathon on May 3rd, 2022. Building on the web has never been more powerful than it is in 2022, and which patterns make the most sense for your use case can give your application huge performance benefits.

Tokenomic: Quick look into Elpis DAO (Part 3)

In the previous parts, we briefly introduced some utilities that are being built for EBA governance tokens. In this article, we want to take a closer look at how a governance token can influence the development process of a GameFi project, and how the gaming industry may transform in the future.

Tokenomic Design: The Role of EBA Token (Part 2)

In the preceding article, we covered the cost change for Elpis Battle's Recruit feature, which means removing EBA tokens entirely from the in-game economy. After the official announcement, there were some debates and arguments among users about the value of EBA in the coming time.

Tokenomic Design: Dual Token Model (Part 1)

Following the success of the pioneering Axie Infinity, several GameFi projects have learned from the project and applied the economic model as well as the dual-token model to their products. This dual-token model includes one governance token and another in-game utility token.

Improving Web Performance with React Hydration Strategies | by Valentin Col

With 23 million unique visitors per month, Cdiscount is the French leader in e-commerce, and as a result, we continuously strive to achieve the best possible performance.

Concurrency, State, & Cardano.. After months of testing with smaller… | by

After months of testing with smaller groups, the Cardano public testnet was recently upgraded to support smart contracts. The surge of activity that followed included many dApp tests and experiments, with developers eager to perform a large-scale test and show off their hard work.

Minting NFTs | Cardano Developer Portal

What's the difference?# What is the difference between native assets and NFTs? From a technical point of view, NFTs are the same as native assets. But some additional characteristics make a native asset truly an NFT: As the name states - it must be 'non-fungible.

How to create NFTs on Cardano Blockchain? Cardano Token Development

Given the current hype surrounding NFTs, you may consider developing your own NFT on Cardano blockchain. For those unfamiliar with the crypto space, an NFT is a non-fungible token, which means that it is not exchangeable with other tokens apart from bitcoin (or other digital currencies).

Temporal - the iPhone of System Design

I'm excited to finally share why I've joined Temporal.io as Head of Developer Experience. It's taken me months to precisely pin down why I have been obsessed with Workflows in general and Temporal in particular. It boils down to 3 core opinions: Orchestration, Event Sourcing, and Workflows-as-Code.

60 Ways to get better at Dota 2

Welcome to the ultimate Dota 2 guide – a complete list of all major ways to improve in this game. Wherever possible, we’ve provided resources where the topic is discussed more in-depth. With time we’ll fill in the list of reasources. You win at Dota by destroying the enemy Ancient.


Busy? Need a moment? Something urgent came up? Snooze a Task so you can return to it at a later time, in another place, or in a better headspace. Do away with the superfluous and hone in on what matters; Focus Mode removes distractions so you can work smarter and harder.

Flexbox and Truncated Text | CSS-Tricks - CSS-Tricks

Situation: you have a single line of text in a flex child element. You don’t want that text to wrap, you want it truncated with ellipsis (or fall back to just hiding the overflow). But the worst happens. The unthinkable! The layout breaks and forces the entire flex parent element too wide.

(6) 10 VAI DIỄN tạo nên JOHNNY DEPP “TẮC KÈ HOA” - YouTube

10 VAI DIỄN tạo nên JOHNNY DEPP “TẮC KÈ HOA” Đây không phải review phim hay tóm tắt phim! #PhePhim #JohnnyDepp

STEPN Calculator

It will take you 0 days to break-even.

Overview | orval

orval is able to generate client with appropriate type-signatures (TypeScript) from any valid OpenAPI v3 or Swagger v2 specification, either in yaml or json formats. Motivation I often use a swagger as contract between the frontend and backend team.

Cài đặt Windows trên VPS Vultr - Học VPS

Với những bạn mong muốn sử dụng Windows VPS thì khi deploy ở Vultr có thể lựa chọn hệ điều hành Windows Server 2012, chỉ sau vài phút là server sẽ sẵn sàng sử dụng.

Guest Post by STEPN: Are all P2E games a ponzi? | CoinMarketCap

In the early 1920s, Charles Ponzi ran a fraudulent investment scheme, netting him almost $20 million (about $258 million in today’s value). His modus operandi consisted of offering high returns to investors when all he was doing was taking money from new investors to pay the earlier ones.

STEPN New Minting Cost (Update April 2022) - Home Based Pinoy

STEPN is a Web3 lifestyle app that boasts of Social-Fi and Game-Fi elements. Players are equipped with NFT Sneakers – they can use it to walk, jog or run outdoors to earn GST (the game's crypto token), which can be used to level up and mint new Sneakers.

Coming Soon Kit - 50 coming soon pages built with Tailwind CSS | Product H

50+ unique templates for SaaS products, mobile apps, infoproducts and more. Effective way to reach the potential customers before the launch.

Giới thiệu Dfinity và Internet Computer — Paven DO

Dfinity là một trong những nền tảng smart contract tồn tại sớm và tốt nhất trong thế giới crypto. Tuy vậy, hầu hết chúng ta không hiểu sâu về nền tảng này. Lí do là bởi bản chất kỹ thuật phức cũng như tầm nhìn trừu tượng của nó.

Những lỗ hổng trong Lý thuyết Fat Protocol và ảnh hưởng của nó đối với việc

Vào năm 2016, Joel Monegro của Union Square Ventures đã xuất bản một luận án chuyên sâu về cách các giao thức crypto có thể thu được nhiều giá trị hơn so với các dapp ở trên chúng.

Overview · Smart Contract Weakness Classification and Test Cases

The following table contains an overview of the SWC registry. Each row consists of an SWC identifier (ID), weakness title, CWE parent and list of related code samples. The links in the ID and Test Cases columns link to the respective SWC definition.

Hydration is Pure Overhead

In web development, hydration or rehydration is a technique in which client-side JavaScript converts a static HTML web page, delivered either through static hosting or server-side rendering, into a dynamic web page by attaching event handlers to the HTML elements.

Web3 Network Effects: Five Mental Models

Network effects powered the rise and dominance of Web2 platforms and captured the imagination of builders and investors over the past decade. Some believe that network effects will be even more powerful in Web3 while others believe that Web3 will kill network effects.

Devs in mind: how to design interfaces for developer tools — Martian Chroni

It’s one thing to design an interface for user-facing software, but when designing interfaces for the tools that developers will use, there are certain considerations that should be kept in mind.

Ghế chỉnh dáng ngồi đúng nam - Correct posture Chair – iMat.vn

Khi sử dụng ghế chỉnh dáng ngồi đúng, phần lưng ghế giúp hướng eo của bạn thẳng lên tự nhiên tạo tư thế đúng. Đồng thời hông được nâng lên làm hạn chế áp lực từ các phần khác lên cơ thể. 

Composability is Innovation | Future

While many in tech and beyond have heard of bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and the concept of a blockchain, less well-known are smart contracts, the major innovation of Ethereum. They’re programs that anyone can write and deploy to a public blockchain, enabling all kinds of innovation.

SQL vs. NoSQL Database: When to Use, How to Choose | Towards Data Science

How do you choose a database? Maybe, you assess whether the use case needs a Relational database. Depending on the answer, you pick your favorite SQL or NoSQL datastore, and make it work. It is a prudent tactic: a known devil is better than an unknown angel.

FURUCOMBO /Create all kinds of DeFi combo.

HOW FURUCOMBO WORKS. Create customized DeFi legos and put all strategies into one transaction. Pick up a DeFi protocol you want and set up the inputs.

Bonding Curves Explained – Yos Riady · Software Craftsman

The token bonding curve is an emerging cryptoeconomic primitive: protocol based incentive systems that enable coordination of network participants to achieve shared goals. Tokens incentivize players in an economic game towards an outcome that are mutually beneficial.

Yos Riady · Software Craftsman

Here are my recent thoughts... Recently is a periodic retrospective.

Implementing micro-frontends – A path to evolve legacy codebases - DEV Comm

Micro-frontends are the present and the future for scaling large client-side applications. Why should you implement this architectural style? Let’s dig into the reasons that led me and my team to adopt it. Working at scale is one of the main goals of modern software engineering.

AVAX Flash Loan — Huge Gains, Defi Flash Loan! Plug and Play! Arbitrage x10

Hello all I have created a new flash loan that arbitrages AVAX opportunities on Uniswap and Pangolin. This has helped me make about 15 AVAX in just this week! Create a new file in the contract folder called flashloan.sol then open this file and we will paste the code here.

Side Project OS

The ultimate operating system to help you bring your side projects to life. Who is this template for?

Will STEPN Bring Crypto to the Masses? - by Nat Eliason

I’m not a professional athlete, I don’t have sponsors, I didn’t have to get a brand tattooed on my forehead. I was using STEPN, a new Web3 Fitness app. STEPN allows you to earn crypto from walking, jogging, and running.

Evaluating DeFi Strategies Using Foundry | by Ivan Kuznetsov | Coinmonks |

Nowadays, the ecosystem of Ethereum is quite rich and complex. There are multitudes of DeFi applications: decentralized exchanges, staking protocols, money markets, yield farming vaults, derivatives, leverages, etc.

Building Sustainable Web3 Games with Owned Liquidity & Tokenized Assets

Part of the magic of Web3 gaming is the ability for players to cash out their in-game work. So far, though, most play-to-earn games rely on attracting new players to make this possible. The most famous example is Axie Infinity.

Automated Triangular Arbitrage of Cryptos in 4 steps | by Lakshmi Ajay | Ge

Arbitrage takes advantage of the difference in the asset prices in the market. Arbitrage has been traditionally done in the forex market for many years but given the volatility in the crypto market, it can applied to the crypto market as well.

The Mind-Bending Magic of Self-Paying Loans - DeFriday #4

Imagine a world where loans don’t have interest. One where instead of having assets that are appreciating, and debt that’s also growing, the appreciation on your assets is automatically paying down your debt.

When to Sell: Creating Rules for Taking Profits

You can't predict what the market will do, but since it feels like we're entering the Fun Times in crypto again, let's be responsible and think about selling. This is something I've done a poor job of historically. I rode the high from September through November and took nothing off the table.

How to Farm Stablecoins - by Nat Eliason

Before we dive in, I want to let you know Gitcoin has just started its 13th Grants Process. Check it out to contribute to public goods in the Ethereum ecosystem, or to start a grant for your project!

CSS Parent Selector - Ahmad Shadeed

Have you ever thought about a CSS selector where you check if a specific element exists within a parent? For example, if a card component has a thumbnail, we need to add display: flex to it.

Sách Netflix: Phá Bỏ Nguyên Tắc Để Bứt Phá - No Rules Rules: Netflix And Th

Từ trước đến nay chưa từng có công ty nào như Netflix. Họ đã dẫn dắt cuộc cách mạng trong ngành giải trí, thu về hàng tỉ đôla doanh thu hằng năm bằng cách thu hút trí tưởng tượng của hàng trăm triệu khách hàng trên hơn 190 quốc gia.

Giữ tư duy mạch lạc | Otis Report

Những người mới tham gia vào cộng đồng crypto thường tìm đến những “nhà đầu tư với thâm niên lâu năm” về crypto với hy vọng có được những nhận định sâu sắc về  thị trường còn đang phức tạp này.

How to value a community? — DAO Valuation Frameworks | by Yash Agarwal | Me

Apple is the world’s most valued with ~$2.83 Trillion as its current valuation and we all know why it’s valued so much. Insane Revenue! All companies have profits/revenue as their core motive and the entire valuation is accrued based on the revenue potential.

Tokenomics 103: Utility - Almanack - Every

In the first part of this Tokenomics series, I covered the high-level concepts you need to consider when evaluating a project or company’s token. In the second part of the series, I covered how to think about a token’s supply. The emissions rate, market cap vs.

First Time User Experience (FTUE) For SaaS Products: How to Design a Great

How do you make your first-time user experience (FTUE) so good that people want to keep using your product to meet their needs? Every product marketer should answer this question before rolling out their product.

Tokenomics 101: BanklessDAO. How a Movement Becomes a Tokenized… | by Flori

Back in June 2021, I had no idea what it was going to be about, but was curious enough to buy the 35K BANK tokens required to become a BanklessDAO member with full access to the Discord server. I knew that if I didn’t like it, I could just sell my tokens and likely break even, minus gas fees.

The current Game-Fi industry pain points and how STEPN would like to addres

A paradigm-shifting project only emerges when there is pain point in the market, not the other way around.

Proof of History (PoH) là gì? Công nghệ cốt lõi cho sự thành công của Solan

Proof of History (PoH) là gì? Proof of History (PoH) là công nghệ giúp các Node xác thực (Validator Nodes) của Solana có thể tạo các block tiếp theo mà không cần phải phối hợp với toàn bộ mạng trước.

7 bước xây dựng kênh Twitter khi tham gia Crypto

The DeFi Edge (TDE) là một người nổi tiếng trên Twitter với những chia sẻ về trend, kinh nghiệm, kiến thức trong thị trường DeFi.

Luận điểm "Nền tảng" | Otis Report

Giao thức DeFi tập trung quá nhiều vào việc nắm bắt giá trị mà bỏ qua việc tạo ra giá trị. Như một ngành công nghiệp, chúng ta đã quá coi trọng khái niệm về tiền tệ.

Novu - Notification management simplified.

Simple to use OCL, embeddable notification center, management dashboard and more. Built by the community  From Email HTML, SMS, In-App, or any other channel, control content, {{variables}} an filters.

Web3 là gì? - by Chainlink Vietnam - Chainlink Việt Nam

Web3 là một sự phát triển mới của Internet dựa trên các nguyên tắc phi tập trung.

Refactor → Organisation - to build the technology right | by Graeme Lindsay

In earlier blog posts, we explored how we moved BBC online to the cloud. This was part of a wider initiative called WebCore, which used a range of serverless technologies to reimagine the BBC website.

The Missing Link Between Web2 and Web3: Custody | Future

Frameworks for helping users through the journeyCustodial experiences mean infrastructure requirementsGrowing demand for web3 accessJoin the NewsletterBuilding for the 99% DevelopersGo-to-Market in Web3: New Mindsets, Tactics, MetricsThe Future of Work is Not Corporate — It’s DAOs and Crypto Net

Tại Sao Mục Đích Và Kỷ Luật Thúc Đẩy Sức Khỏe Tâm Lý

Dịch từ bài Why Purpose and Discipline Promote Psychological Well-Being của Academy of Ideas. ----------- “Vô số khả năng là điều không phù hợp với con người; nếu chúng tồn tại, cuộc sống của bạn sẽ chỉ tản mác trong vô chừng.

Optimize loading third-parties

tl;dr: Third-party resources can slow down sites and can be a challenge to optimize. You can follow certain best practices to load or delay different types of third-parties efficiently. You can also use framework-level components such as the Next.

Making Web 3.0 Usable — Part 1. 10 Reasons Why Web 3.0 Has Yet to Take… | b

Stalwart members of the blockchain community have long celebrated the decentralized ecosystem of Web 3.0, and not without good reason. Web 3.0’s promise to replace the platform giants of Web 2.

Migrate to User-Agent Client Hints

Strategies to migrate your site from relying on the user-agent string to the new User-Agent Client Hints. The User-Agent string is a significant passive fingerprinting surface in browsers, as well as being difficult to process.

Why Purpose and Discipline Promote Psychological Well-Being

Get a FREE membership video! Subscribe to our Newsletter. The following is a transcript of this video.

Game Economy Design Essentials Part 3: Warning Signs

Today we’re looking at the game economy warnings, the cautionary tales, and the red flags that so many game professionals don’t see on the road to game economy success. If you’re ready to get your own clear-cut map of what to avoid and what to run from -- fast -- then stay to my right.

Understanding Layout Algorithms

Up until that moment, I had been learning CSS by focusing on the properties and values we write, things like z-index: 10 or justify-content: center. I figured that if I understood broadly what each property did, I'd have a deep understanding of the language as a whole.

Picture perfect images with the modern element - Stack Overflow Blog

Images are one of the most pervasive parts of the web. This isn’t a huge surprise as we humans are quite visual and the <img> tag has been around for almost 30 years.

The Guide to Modern Data Architecture | Future

Updated reference architecturesChangelogWhat hasn’t changed: Stability in the coreWhat’s new: Cambrian explosionUpdated blueprintsThe data platform hypothesisWhat is a platform?What is a data platform?The emergence of data apps?Looking aheadJoin the NewsletterEmerging Architectures for Modern Da


A powerful tool for determining strategy and many more in STEPN

The Fundamental Valuation Framework for Cryptoassets — Part 1 | by HODL_GAP

Cryptoassets, due to their versatile nature, are extremely hard to value.

How sharding a database can make it faster - Stack Overflow Blog

Databases are now given an enviable amount of attention since they manage a company’s most important property: data.

Bootstrapping Web3 Networks: The Limitations of Token Incentives | by Samee

Crypto tokens introduce financial incentives to technology products. The startup and web3 ecosystem are still working out the implications of this, including how and why this can be useful.

PRISM Protocol — ELI5 & The Best Yields On LUNA Staking | by cpt n3mo | Has

There have been many articles and threads on PRISM, yet a large majority of users are still not familiar with how to get involved. What is pLUNA, yLUNA and cLUNA? What is xPRISM and what does AMPS have to do with boosting yields? For context, please watch their introductory explainer video.

The best Go To Market Strategy for your SaaS company | Medium

The service you want to provide solves a customer problem — Great! You have done your competitor analysis — well done! People are telling you they cannot wait to use your service — excellent!

Game Economy Design Essentials Part 2: Best Practices

Today we’re looking at best practices for creating a framework for crafting a game economy that keeps your audience persistently enthralled and coming back for more.

The Fundamentals of Game Economy Design

Any mobile game professional worth their salt knows that the economy inside of a game has the power to make or break it. But it’s not just your experience with the industry that tells you how crucial the in-game economy is; it’s your experience as a person. With the real-world economy.

Say Hello To CSS Container Queries - Ahmad Shadeed

I haven’t been more excited for a CSS feature like I’m now in the past six years I spent as a front-end developer. The prototype of container queries is now available behind a flag in Chrome Canary. Thanks to efforts from smart people like Miriam Suzanne and other folks.

STEP'N stats (contact @Krit for improvements) - Google Sheets

UPDATE : only runs from March 4th are now taken into account. Previous runs are available in "Archives" tab. Don't forget to add your Mystery box loots in "Gem drops" tab. Clic on tabs to navigate between Charts.

The Code Review Pyramid - Gunnar Morling

When it comes to code reviews, it’s a common phenomenon that there is much focus and long-winded discussions around mundane aspects like code formatting and style, whereas important aspects (does the code change do what it is supposed to do, is it performant, is it backwards-compatible for existin

The baseline for web development in 2022 - LINE ENGINEERING

TL;DR:The baseline for web development in 2022 is: low-spec Android devices in terms of performance, Safari from two years before in terms of Web Standards, and 4G in terms of networks.

My Twitter journey from 100 → 30K followers

This is my attempt to document my entire journey on Twitter. At the time of writing this, I have 32K followers. I’m sharing what I my journey look like and hope to give you some insights or inspirations! 😄 To make the context clear, I have my advantages. Here they are:

Simplifying the Solidly Ecosystem | by Sergio Gallardo | Mar, 2022 | Medium

On January 6, Andre Cronje published an article called ‘ve(3,3)’, giving an overview of the latest project he had been working on. A month later, the protocol launched on Fantom’s mainnet attracting a lot of attention and capital to the ecosystem.

Tokenomics 102: Digging Deeper on Supply - Almanack - Every

Tokenomics 101 provided a high-level overview of how you could evaluate a project’s token. In this post I’m going to dive deeper into the supply side: how should the quantity of tokens, and the various ways that number changes (or can be manipulated) affect the perceived health of a project?

Laying the Frontend Foundations with a Platform Team | Razorpay Engineering

This post has been a collaboration with the frontend core team at Razorpay that consists of Varun, Kamlesh, Dhruvdutt, Chaitanya, Saurav, Zameer.

The World’s Most Influential Values, In One Graphic - Visual Capitalist

Our basic values can inform ideals, interests, political preferences, environmental views, and even career choices. With sweeping data covering half a million surveys in 152 languages, Valuegraphics identifies 56 values that influence human behavior.

20 Common Values and Why People Can't Agree on More

When I recently came across the headline “The World’s Most Influential Values, In One Graphic,” I couldn’t help but click–a good data visualization is like catnip for me.

Making Decisions: Top Articles To Make Better Life choices | Nir and Far

We have more decisions to make than ever before. Careers, friendships, health, and finances all demand making good choices. But experts agree that unconscious biases skew our perception. This distortion creates blind spots on our options.

Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Value (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Intrinsic value has traditionally been thought to lie at the heart of ethics. Philosophers use a number of terms to refer to such value. The intrinsic value of something is said to be the value that that thing has “in itself,” or “for its own sake,” or “as such,” or “in its own right.

The Systems Thinker – Value Creation and Business Success - The Systems Thi

The most successful organizations understand that the purpose of any business is to create value for customers, employees, and investors, and that the interests of these three groups are inextricably linked.

The Systems Thinker – Systems Thinking: What, Why, When, Where, and How? -

If you’re reading The Systems Thinker®, you probably have at least a general sense of the benefits of applying systems thinking in the work-place.

The Systems Thinker – The "Thinking" in Systems Thinking: How Can We Make I

Despite significant advances in personal computers and systems thinking software over the last decade, learning to apply systems thinking effectively remains a tough nut to crack.

The Systems Thinker – The Systems Thinker -

The Systems Thinker works to catalyze effective change by expanding the use of systems approaches. All articles are available free of charge in an effort to expose as wide of audience as possible. Browse, share with others, save your favorites and tell others about this valuable resource!

Valuation of Governance Tokens of Protocols with Treasury with this 3 Facto

One question I get asked a lot is what value does governance token have? It’s not any different from the valuation of the shares of a company really! To say that governance tokens have no value is the same as saying the shares of a company have no value.

Hummingbot | How to Use the New Spot-perpetual Arbitrage Strategy

Welcome back to the Hummingbot Academy! There is always something new to explore with a Hummingbot release, and 0.37 is no exception.

chrisleekr/binance-trading-bot: Automated Binance trading bot - Trade multi

This is a test project. I am just testing my code. So use it at your own risk! I have no responsibility for any loss or hardship incurred directly or indirectly by using this code. Read disclaimer before using this code.

Understand LP risks: use Effective Gain/Loss, not Impermanent Loss | by Gui

When providing liquidity to AMMs (“LPing”) we have exposure to the underlying tokens we deposit into the pools. Impermanent Loss does not fully describe those risks. When LPing, we should focus on the effective gain or loss (EGL) we are exposed to, when token prices vary.

Blockchain for everyone - Google Slides

Sign in with a different account Create account One Google Account for everything Google

Shuffle — An online editor for busy developers

We combined four visual editors into . That is why you can use Bootstrap, Bulma, Tailwind CSS, and Material‑UI with it! To browse all UI libraries, please visit our marketplace.

Startup Lessons: Where Does Your Product Fit Into the Market? | HackerNoon

If you’ve ever been on the creative end of a business endeavor, you’ll know that coming up with a ‘big idea’ is actually the easiest step.

The Architecture of a Web 3.0 application

The architecture of Web 3.0 applications (or "DApps") are completely different from Web 2.0 applications. Take Medium, for example, a simple blogging site that lets users publish their own content and interact with content from others.

Perpetual Protocol Docs (v2)

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Building for the 99% Developers | Future

“Trickle-down” tooling is aspirationalThe mythThe realityWhat to do about itThere is no gold standard development environment  The mythThe realityWhat to do about itThe goal is progress, not perfectionThe mythThe realityWhat to do about itA good demo doesn’t show the Day 2 snagsThe mythThe r

FloorDAO: Ve-nomics, NFT Gauges, Meta-Governance | by FloorDAO | Feb, 2022

A lot of people have reached out recently asking about how FloorDAO will work. This post summarizes some key points about the project’s mechanics, and a few ways FloorDAO can continue to evolve. FloorDAO is a light fork of the Olympus V2 contracts.

Go-to-Market in Web3: New Mindsets, Tactics, Metrics | Future

The catalyst of new go-to-market motions: tokensThe web3 go-to-market matrixDecentralized with tokenGTM motions for decentralized applicationsGTM motions for Layer 1 blockchains and other protocolsCentralized and no token: The web2-web3 hybridSoftware-as-a-serviceMarketplaces and exchangesGTM tactic

How Optimism Works | Optimism Docs

# Introduction Hello! By the time you've finished reading this page you should have a foundational understanding of how Optimism makes Ethereum transactions cheaper and faster, the approach that Optimism is taking to scaling both Ethereum and Ethereum's values, and why Optimism is the best place to

Gas Platform API - Blocknative Documentation

You can view an introductory video on Gas Platform here. Create an account and apikey here.

100,000 free icons, illustrations, emojis – Streamline 4.0

If you want to speedup your workflow and create consistent designs, try the largest UI assets catalog ever made. More than 90,000 icons and illustrations, all built from scratch by our team, searchable through our Streamline app or plugins for Figma, Sketch and Adobe XD.

How does Optimism’s Rollup really work? | Paradigm Research

At Paradigm, we work very closely with the companies in our portfolio. That work includes diving deep with them in their protocol design and implementation.

Transactions | ethereum.org

Transactions are cryptographically signed instructions from accounts. An account will initiate a transaction to update the state of the Ethereum network. The simplest transaction is transferring ETH from one account to another.

How does Cosmos work? How does it compare to Bitcoin and Ethereum? (Part 1)

The crypto industry never really rests. It all started with the launch of Bitcoin in 2009. When it first came out, everyone thought Bitcoin was the holy grail of digital currencies. What was once believed to be impossible was now real: The first ever peer-to-peer (P2P) payments network.

Rethinking Trust

For the past two decades, trust has been touted as the all-powerful lubricant that keeps the economic wheels turning and greases the right connections—all to our collective benefit. Popular business books proclaim the power and virtue of trust.

How to assess a DAO?. 21 metrics you should know before you… | by Ferdinand

The valuation of new organisational models is always hard. Clear-cut definitions are not yet established, benchmarks are missing, and time-proven best practices of analysts do simply not exist.

Neptune DAO: Decentralized Liquidity for Scaled Yield | by Noam Hof | DeepD

Neptune is a tokenless liquidity DAO supported by OpenLaw and, The LAO and Flamingo DAO. It is governed by the majority rule of its max. 99 members to invest in cutting-edge crypto initiatives.

UXD Basics (part 2)— Perpetual Futures | by UXD Protocol | Jan, 2022 | Medi

This is our second post on the essential concepts of UXD Protocol. In our last post, we explained the concepts of Financial Derivatives, Delta, and Delta-Neutrality.

EIP-1967: Standard Proxy Storage Slots

Standardise how proxies store the address of the logic contract they delegate to, and other proxy specific information. Delegating proxy contracts are widely used for both upgradeability and gas savings.

The Arweave team has excellent business insight. It has chosen a segmented cloud storage market with long-term value and currently less competition — permanent storage, which has become the only leading project in this market.

Side Project Marketing: What Is It & How to Do It ( 10 Examples)

Tappollo Media is an acclaimed venture builder that helps startup founders globally validate and launch their app ideas. Go to Tappollo's website → In 2021, 153,047 users were active on Hacker News, a tech community built by Y Combinator.

Rethinking APY for rebase token protocols | by Raymond Yeh | Coinmonks | Fe

Rebase token protocols, like Olympus, Wonderland, Klima, Redacted, promised their users 5 digits and 6 digits APY. However, in the recent “bearish” market, most of the users buying into these protocols ended up getting rekt.

Almost every single introductory article on the inter-webs about bitcoin and the blockchain begins with defining the blockchain and giving a history of it. I’ve got a far better idea — How about we skip that part for now (we’ll certainly address it later).

CQRS Software Architecture Pattern: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly | by Ja

The Command and Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) it’s an architectural pattern where the main focus is to separate the way of reading and writing data. This pattern uses two separate models:

Design principles for web3. So everyone and their cat seems to be… | by Ang

So everyone and their cat seems to be talking about blockchain. More importantly, it’s on the radar of huge companies, and we know that where there’s money, there’s traction. However, as a designer what I really wanted to know was what this meant for user experience and design in web3.

UXD Basics (part 1) — Derivatives, Delta | by UXD Protocol | Dec, 2021 | Me

As we get closer to our mainnet launch, UXD thought it would be helpful to the community if we provided some educational material on the essential concepts of UXD Protocol.

? How to Tell a Great Story and Grow your Business | Revue

Sunday Tips - Hey folks,what's up? Recently I was thinking how I could have a bigger impact if I only would be able to tell better stories. Thus I started to stu

Olympus DAO Forks crash, what happened and is it over ? | by Blockchain Exp

Olympus DAO is a significant innovation in decentralized finance, the system indeed temporary resolves the liquidity issues faced in DeFi 1.0 by owning its own and aims to be a protocol owned reserve currency.

The Year in Ethereum 2021 — Josh Stark

Ethereum is the foundation for a digital civilization. It is hardened, secure, and reliable. It is the bedrock necessary to support the digital cities being built on top of it.

Homepage | CryptoStats

CryptoStats is a decentralized protocol for trustworthy data metrics for the crypto ecosystem. Verified adapters pull data from various indexers, normalize it, and make it freely available to all.

Coindix - Today’s best vaults and APY on the DeFi

Vaults: Protocols: Chains: Suggest Ethereum BSC Solana Polygon Terra Avalanche Fantom Harmony Arbitrum Optimism Celo Moonriver Ethereum BSC Solana Polygon Terra Avalanche Fantom Harmony Arbitrum Optimismworking..

(35) How to hedge the impermanent loss in DEFI farming | LinkedIn

In AMMs DEX protocols, users can deposit specific assets into the protocol pools to help providing liquidity for the protocols. We usually call them Liquidity Providers (LPs).

Thị trường Crypto có phải là một nền kinh tế thu nhỏ?

Chào anh em! Như anh em đã biết, website Coin98 Insights là một kênh thông tin về những phân tích từ cơ bản đến chuyên sâu trong thị trường Crypto.

Hedging Against Impermanent Loss: A Deep Dive With FinNexus Options | Alexa

‍DeFi is changing finance in many ways, while also bringing in additional risks. Impermanent loss in automatic market maker (AMM) liquidity pools is one of the best known new types of risks that has sprung out of the DeFi boom.

Uniswap: A Good Deal for Liquidity Providers? | by Pintail | Medium

Update 30 August 2020: this article originally used the term “impermanent loss” to describe the losses liquidity providers experience due to price divergence. The word “impermanent” was chosen because the loss due to price divergence may be reversed if the price divergence is also reversed.

Impermanent Loss Calculator (Examples 3 Versions) - WhiteboardCrypto

Simplest Simple Advanced How-To Token A Percentage Change Token B Percentage Change Impermanent Loss 0 Token A Starting Price Token A Ending Price Token B Starting Price Token B Ending Price Impermanent Loss 0 Number of Tokens Price Token A Value 0 Number of Tokens Price Token B Value 0 Total Invested 0 Token A […]

When should you leverage Module Federation, and how? | by Zack Jackson | Fe

Critical thinking and patterns on when, why, where, to leverage Module Federation from the creator of the technology. The tricky part is there's not much information on how and where to leverage the technology. Leading to a bit of a wild west scenario.

The Deck We Used to Raise our $150M Series-B | Airbyte | Airbyte

In February 2021, we closed our $5.2M seed round with Accel. Three months later, we announced our $26M Series-A round with Benchmark. And in mid-December of that same year, our $150M Series-B led by Altimeter and Coatue was also announced for a valuation at $1.5B.

The Meaning of Decentralization. “Decentralization” is one of the words… |

“Decentralization” is one of the words that is used in the cryptoeconomics space the most frequently, and is often even viewed as a blockchain’s entire raison d’être, but it is also one of the words that is perhaps defined the most poorly.

Programmatic SEO: What Is It & How to Do It ( 3 Case Studies)

Tappollo Media is an acclaimed venture builder that helps startup founders globally validate and launch their app ideas. Go to Tappollo's website → In January 2022, Failory was visited by 114,224 users who found the site through Google.

Mọi người nói rất nhiều về sự khan hiếm tiền điện tử với những ý kiến như việc tiền điện tử gây ra sự khan hiếm kỹ thuật số thông qua NFT hay “có 55 triệu triệu phú nhưng chỉ có 21 triệu bitcoin”.

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